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Not all mezzanine floor requirements involve the need for a bespoke service - in the same way that kitchen cupboard units are supplied in a small number of modular dimensions, we believe that mezzanine platform floors can also be provided in a similar manner - particularly if you simply wish to procure a structure which does the job for which it was designed, but without the need for site surveys, scribing around fixtures, special considerations and other specific details which can add to the final cost.

If you think that this might be the correct option for you, then why not take a look at our MODULAR MEZZANINES prices and decide whether this choice represents a suitable alternative - we are confident that when every penny spent needs to be carefully considered and expenditure proposals scrutinized, our mezzanine floor still provides you with the BEST POSSIBLE SOLUTION to your requirements - whichever route you decide upon!

Please note that these structures are not "off the shelf" - they are still made to client's individual orders and lead times remain as per bespoke floors at around 3-5 weeks from order.

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