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Mezzanine floors are often subject to the need for the structure to be fire rated in order that an element of protection can be achieved - particularly in the case of raised mezzanine office floors where personnel are expected to be working on the raised platform for a relatively high proportion of the time, or on larger mezzanine platforms where the ability of a person to escape from the mezzanine floor (in the event of a fire breaking out) may be hampered by the sheer size of the structure, or the layout of escape routes around stored items.

In most cases, the form of protection will comprise the following:

  • 1200mm X 600mm White, Mineral tiles in an exposed metal Ceiling grid suspended below the floor structure
  • Plastisol faced, steel sheathed Column Cases with an inert core material, fixed around each upright member
  • Inert Cavity Barriers within the Ceiling void on approved centres
  • Restrained Plasterboard or Metal faced inert core material Bulkheads to all exposed edges

Jigfloor are experienced in this field - we are happy to seek advice in order that we can assist you to meet current regulations in this regard - we will then propose a solution and provide you with a quotation for the works to be carried out as necessary.

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