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Jigfloor supplies bespoke solutions to clients wishing to expand within their premises without the need for major expenditure or structural alterations. We are interior space development professionals with many years of experience designing and supplying mezzanine floors, linings and storage solutions to the marketplace, and having been both buyers and sellers of mezzanine based interior schemes, we believe that we are perfectly qualified to anticipate what it takes to keep you happy!

Structural calculations, design drawings, Building Regulations applications are all provided as part of the service - should you wish to procure the basic drawing/calculation package prior to committing yourself to the full expenditure associated with the procurement of the mezzanine floor, will be happy to provide this package for a small fee, allowing you to fully satisfy yourself as to the viability of your proposal prior to further obligation on your part.

Finally, Jigfloor believe that your partnership with us should be friendly and convivial, whilst the on site element should be like taking a cold bath - QUICKLY IN, DO WHATEVER IT TAKES, THEN QUICKLY OUT!! We will be professional, helpful and courteous - our shared experience should be a pleasure, not a chore!

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